Yesterday we had a performing arts group visit our school.  The show was titled ‘No Strings Attached’ and had the message that we are the masters of our own lives, we do not need to let others be our puppet master and control us.  The actors (Ash, Nicki and Justin) were so talented.  Ash played the character of the evil puppet master and had the whole audience against him which is the mark of a fantastic actor!  Boston was so against him that at one stage he held up his fist and shook it at him!

The message is so powerful and one that our young people need to hear again and again.  The influence of peer groups, daily exposure to media, and unwittingly going along with the ideas of others because it is easier than standing up by oneself are things that all of us could do to think about – yes, even us adults.

Our St Mary of the Cross MacKillop value of the term is ‘Compassion – Do Your Bit’.  Goodness knows she had many times in her life when she stood apart and stood up for what she believed in.  In 1893 she said ‘Let no obstacle deter you from proceeding with courage.’

The Virtues Project says compassion is … caring deeply and wanting to help, even if you don’t know them. It is being kind and forgiving to someone who has hurt you’

If we are to take the message of ‘No Strings Attached’ into our daily lives what will we need to do differently?

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This is the current blog of Jody Hayes, New Zealand educator.

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