This morning we had a really interesting visit to a beehive that a school close to us has.

Ross, Newton Central School’s kind and knowledgeable groundsman showed us the beehive and told us what he knew.  Some Room One children were feeling a little bit nervous and scared before seeing the bees but we soon found out that the bees were very friendly.

Ross even lifted the lid off so we could see inside the hive.  We could smell delicious honey so when we came back to class we did a little bit more honey tasting.  Queen Nefertiti and Queen Una are still the favourites.

It is really pretty special to see something we have seen in books in real life.  After our walk there and back Room One are feeling a little tired.

Ross  is showing us  is inside the beehive.

Ross is showing us is inside the beehive.

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This is the current blog of Jody Hayes, New Zealand educator.

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  1. Jenny Bernard says:

    What a great experience for you….to see the bees in action. I wander if the bees were a little scary. You hear lots of stories about bees but the most fanastic thing is we get lovely, delicious, gooey honey from them.

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