Learning Expo

Next week in our learning EXPO.  We will be in class from 4 – 5 pm on Thursday evening to share our learning with you.  We will tell you what we have learnt about rocks and might even give you a wee sneak preview of our item we are getting ready for assembly.

Please invite anyone who may be interested in coming.

Wondering about rocks

In Room One we have been wondering about rocks.  We have a few questions we are pondering, thinking about and discussing.  Next week we begin trying to collect information to answer our questions.


Celebrating our garden produce

You can see from the photo how proud we are of our garden produce.  You can help Room One learn even more about sustainable living by letting them practice their gardening skills at home too.

We love dreaming about what we can cook with our vegetables.

We love dreaming about what we can cook with our vegetables.

Cauliflowers are ready

This week our cauliflowers are ready to pick.  We picked them, some parsley and a lettuce.  We gave our vegetables to the Yogi to put into out lunch orders.   We were proud to share our vegetables with the people at our school.DSC00099

Rock Discoveries

As part of our Turangawaewae learning we are finding out about rocks.  This morning Room One started writing the things they know about rocks.  We know rocks can’t eat or talk.  Rocks can be enormous or tiny, hard, different colours and can even have stripes.

We are beginning our rock display and Mrs Victor kindly bought four rocks from her holiday around the North Island to share with us.  We are putting a label on the rocks with where they are from so we can think about the types of rocks and what we notice is the same about them.

The very start of our rock display.  Send your rock to Room One to add to our learning.

The very start of our rock display. Send your rock to Room One to add to our learning.

Box Puppet Theatres


We had a fun day working with our friends in Room Ten.  We created our own puppet theatre, some stick characters and backdrops that could be changed.  Justenna made a real selection of characters and added detail to make her theatre look very flash.  We will work on our theatres a bit more in Room One today and then have a go at putting on a show for our learning buddy to watch.

Ready for another term of exciting learning

Room One children have returned to school after two weeks of hoildays and they are still obsessed with our learning from last term about tuatara, chameleon and komodo dragon.  The whole ‘versus’ debate continues to rage …

This morning we came to school in the fog and when the sun broke through at about 9.30 am Sebastian was working hard at some mathematics when he looked up and said ‘O yeah, the sun wins, it versed the fog and is the winner!’

For those interested in seeing more komodo dragon footage (with their parent as it is on YouTube) follow this link.

Our rich context is ‘Turangawaewae’ and we will explore this in several ways before sharing our discoveries at our learning EXPO.

J’Dore counting to 100

J’Dore was busy drawing and counting … what tricky work!  She is pretty clever at counting.  We had a really fun day and finished with a shared lunch.  Thank you to all our wonderful families who help us to make maths such fun today at our school.

Counting while drawing 100 things

We are working hard on learning to count … 100 takes a bit of thinking about!

100 day WINNER

We have had a BRILLIANT day so far.  We gathered as a school at 10.10 am and paraded our costumes.  Mrs Bernard selected 10 finalists… Boston, J’Dore and Zephan were in the finals.

We are very excited to announce our school winner of the $100 prize is ….. Zephan!


We are very proud!