The school year has come to an end.

The days we have spent together have been fondly reviewed.  Memories have been giggled over and a few tears have been shed.  Most of the Room One students will move to Room Four for 2014 with a handful of students staying behind in Room One to be the ‘leaders’ as it gains a new teacher and more children.

I will be moving to Bailey Road Primary and Intermediate School in Mount Wellington, Auckland.  I am sure before long you will find me there in some form of blog or page to celebrate learning but for now there is no link to what is still an idea … I will post a link as soon as I have one.  As Boston wrote in my card ‘I will miss you very much …’ I will miss Room One very much too – I am so proud of their efforts, risks they took in learning and successes.

My last post here is one of thanks …

Thank you to those of you who have followed our class blog as readers and by leaving comments.

Thank you to the St Joseph’s School community for embracing our love of learning, inquisitiveness and curiosity.

Thank you to the parents of Room One students who let me be a very special part of your childs life.

Fafetai lava (thank you very much)



About hayesjody

This is the current blog of Jody Hayes, New Zealand educator.

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  1. Tava'e says:

    Thank you Jody for being a caring and invaluable teacher to Boston and the rest of our children. All the best in your new school, a wonderful asset to Bailey Rd. Tava’e and Boston.

    • aranui1 says:

      Thank you Tava’e, I have loved being their teacher. It is hard to say goodbye. I will think of Boston every time I wear the necklace and I will miss him very much!

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